Meet Max The Tired Turtle™ - 100% Hand-Drawn NFTs

1.024 Unique & Hand-Drawn

Tired Turtles

All Tired Turtles are 100% hand-drawn and one of it's kind. No programmatic blend of 1000's of attributes.

While everyone seems to create 10k projects nowdays, we're going the opposite route. Quality over quantity.

A chance to get a very unique, custom designed Tired Turtle NFT & Metal Print.

We're doing giveaways on a regular basis and donate to different human as well as animal charities.

Discover A One Of It's Kind, Hand-Drawn Collection Of 1.024 Tired Turtles

Hi everyone 👋

I'm Max the Tired Turtle and I'm new to the NFT world. Every part of my body is hand-drawn with a lot of souls and ❤️. My different outcomes are totally unique and because of this and because I'm hand-drawn I drop at a much slower rate than other NFTs.

Just like a 🐢.

I am really, really tired of all the programmatic 10k drops happening all around the clock. That's why I am NOT generated by an algorithm but instead hand-crafted with a lot of attention to detail.

Because I am released in a total of 1.024 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain, only 10 pieces of me are available at each drop.

This makes it a real treasure for collectors and lovers of specific themes such as movies, shows, hobbies, sports, etc.

Meet The Tired Turtle Collection

Each series contains 10 Tired Turtles of a specific theme. 6x normal (colored in green and brown), 1x anormal (skeleton), 2x silver and 1x gold Turtle.

While the normal and the skeleton Turtles all will have a plain background and basic attributes, the silver Turtles will be of higher detail grade including a gradient background. All of the golden Turtles are of much higher detail and come with a more “fancier” background too.

10 out of 1.024 Come With A Unique Body
(Super Rare)

What You'll Get With Each Series

1x Gold

2x Silver

3x Green

3x Brown

1x Skeleton

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Meet Our Little Baby Turtle Hatchery

Yes, you read that right!

Below are some of the most recent 🐢 🥚 pictures. 

The eggs were laid by a 13-year-old female. The brood duration is 57 days on average. Brood start was on 7/13/21 so should hatch around 9/9/21. The brood temperature is 32 Celsius. 

Did you know that if breeding with a higher temperature, there are females, with a lower temperature there are males?

Pretty cool huh?

We update and share the progress of the turtle eggs regulary on our Discord channel. If you're into Turtles, then this is for you.

Meet The Team

The Pixel Master

Caster of Creativity

GrAsMaN 🇨🇭
Master of Marketing

Soul of Service



The exclusive Tired Turtle merch store is open for business. Get your hands on limited-edition tees, hoodies, and other unique designs before they're gone.


Decision of a theme for a 10/pcs drop completely by our community.


If you purchase our Tired Turtle, you'll be randomly selected to receive a custom made avatar on a metal print!


Auctionating a super rare turtle for charity (not decided on a specific charity yet).


Launching our turtle quest special edition (you can get more information on that in our Discord group).


If you own a silver, gold or super rare turtle, you'll be eligible for one to three free merch items (1 item if you own a silver turtle, 2 items if you own a gold turtle and 3 items if you own a super rare turtle).

After Sell-out

Since turtles have a long life, we also have some big ideas in mind. The future plans of the Tired Turtles will be heavily discussed and decided with the help of our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy a Tired Turtle Early?

As an early adapter of a Tired Turtle you benefit of a low entry price of just 0.01 ETH for the first 10/pcs. 

With each new series dropped, the prices may increase during the release of the series

Note: Prices for each new series will be revealed 24 hours before the next drop.

How Much Does Each Tired Turtle Cost?

For the first series of 10 Tired Turtle the price is 0.01 ETH per piece plus the additional gas fee. Transactions will be limited to Tired Turtle per transaction. They will then be available on

Prices may increase during the release of the series.

What Is Tired Turtle?

Tired Turtle™ 🐢 is a collection of 1.024 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain.

It will be released in smaller theme-specific drops. A treasure for collectors and lovers of specific themes such as movies, shows, hobbies, sports etc.

How Will Tired Turtles Be Minted?

Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord for updates and more information. All Tired Turtle purchases will be made at on the 20th August 2021, 5pm UTC / 10am PST.

How Was Tired Turtle Created?

Each Tired Turtle is 100% hand-drawn, unique and NOT genereated by any kind of algorithm.

When Is Each Series of The Tired Turtle published?

Tired Turtles will be revealed instantly.

Do I Own Commercial Rights Of My Tired Turtle?

Yes, you keep 100% of all commercial rights of your purchased Tired Turtle as long as you are the owner.

Will There Be Any Royalties?

Yes, 10% royalties for the secondary market.

What Charities Are You Donating To?

Will be announced soon... We're currently doing some research on this topic.

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